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Chris Baynes

Chris Baynes

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Featured properties offered by Chris Baynes:

Description Details City
Duplex, Ranch - Wilmington, NC $144,900 4 BR 2 BA 1862 Sq. Ft. WILMINGTON, NC
Loder Landing $419,000 3 BR 3 BA 1976 Sq. Ft. WILMINGTON, NC
Residential - Leland, NC $89,000 LELAND, NC
Sunset South $168,500 4 BR 3 BA 1836 Sq. Ft. WILMINGTON, NC
Lords Creek $167,500 3 BR 2 BA 1377 Sq. Ft. WILMINGTON, NC
Putnam Run @ Westbay Estates $201,000 3 BR 2 BA 1929 Sq. Ft. WILMINGTON, NC
Laurel Ridge, Wilmington, NC $127,500 2 BR 2 BA 1121 Sq. Ft. WILMINGTON, NC
Stratford Place ll, Wilmington, NC $275,000 3 BR 3 BA 2067 Sq. Ft. WILMINGTON, NC